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I love that you saved (and reflected on) your earliest journal sketches. It's wonderful to see the early you, and the more contemporary artist.

Thanks so very much for posting this. I am a newbie from the watercolor journaling site, and I really appreciate the inspiration!!
Thanks again..this is great!

Great blog post - there's hope for me yet ;) Really interesting to see the progression, and made me laugh when you said that about not letting the kids say "I can't..." I don't let the kids I teach say that either, because I know they can somehow/somewhere...but of course it's ok for me to say it! I promise to keep practising!

Very inspiring!

I loved this post...you have inspired me to keep trying my hand at sketching...my heart and mind wants to but what comes out on the paper is " never good enough".....I'll keep plugging along. your progression is amazing!

Wonderful progression! I agree that everyone is creative and drawing can be learned. Thanks for sharing. Love your work.

Wonderful to see how progress comes with practice. Thanks for sharing!

I delight in your sketches (all of them) and I am a firm believer in your theory that you just gotta keep at it.
p.s. I have that exact tree topper! lOVE IT.

Wow your drawings are awesome, and yes you have come quite a ways in 10 years, but I even like the older ones. :) The tree topper is my fav.

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