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Melissa - congrats ont he blog! Looks great! Thanks for sharing with the team all these great pages with the variety of writing. So much to see, and lots to be inspired by. (way better than visiting you on flickr!!)

This has come a long way since the coffee shop! Looks great!

You have given me lots to think about here. I really like the way you expressed the Scripture.
And your pearlescent lettering is GORGEOUS.

HI melissa... love your new blog and
these journal pages are really

Melissa! Love your lettering expressions; fantastic with your journal pages. That's one thing I have not tried is lettering as I always stop in my tracks. My handwriting is really terrible and I just cannot get to use it in my art. Stencils and stamps save me most of time :) Have a great weekend ahead! Best - Marilyn

I love your mix of different kinds of lettering in one piece! And writing with a skewer dipped in ink, that's so clever, and I love the finished look. Your layered handwriting looks awesome, that would make a great background rather than foreground, too. And I love your little birds cut out of book pages! Very inspiring, thank you for sharing :)

I really like the bird shapes filled with lettering, it creates a visually strong look with a soft romatic feeling, very nice.

Ok..stop the press...I LOVE ALL OF THESE! And your writing...mama mia! Thanks for sharing what implement you chose for each style...I have total page envy!

Julie - love your venting page - never crossed my mind to do something like that. I too love ALL the pages. BrAVo! M

Sorry Melissa! DOn't know why I called you Julie - yes, I do, I was reading Julie's name above. SORRY - OK - I too have page envy like Julie said. LOL. M

I love the criss-cross page, where you rotate the page after writing over it. Great idea ! I need to give a try, thanks for sharing

Oh my goodness, your layouts are gorgeous. I absolutely love your use of letters, words, phrases, etc. I love the simple use of lettering in your: Jer. 32:17 layout-it's gorgeous! You have a wonderful knack for writing in your journal.

My goodness, I am amazed by the range of writing you have used. Esp love the script on black - fabulous. White pens? I think *the* one to own is a Sakura Gel pen.

Love those birds!!!!!!

What a wonderful selection and variety. I love all of your handwriting styles.

such a treat...

xox - eb.

ps - would love to see your work in larger format

What a great diversity in lettering styles! I love them all!

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