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These pages are wonderful. Love your images, your text, and the way you wrote the flower names sideways. These pages rock!

Melissa! What a wonderful and beautiful way to capture signs of spring :) Gorgeous and I love how you sketched then watercolored - fantastic! There are signs of spring, here, in NY but the winds will not quit! There is hope for this week :) Have a good one!

Thanks for commenting on my blog!
I LOVE your flowers! I find them so hard to draw, but you do a fantastic job, and combined with the lettering, wow! We have one crocus, 3 Johnny Jump Ups and lots of leaves of flowers waiting to bloom! Can't wait!

Hey - you really have been busy! Love les fleurs... the only thing in our yard right now is mini tulips and lilacs about to burst.
Talk to you soon....

Lovely sketches! Here, we're already into 80 degree days, so our first blooms have been and gone. Daffodils and pansies and azaleas are what we see a lot of for those first warmer weeks.

Oh my, your flowers are gorgeous. You should be creating for galleries. Love your writings both horizontal and vertical. Very beautiful!

I also love your Banner and Blog title, very clever!

Only one word: WOW WOW WOW

oK three words! Stunning.

Wow! I LOVE your watercolored sketches! They're really beautiful. Around here the crocus bloom first, then the daffodils, and then the trees, usually magnolia and plum trees first.

Beautiful water colors and caligraphy...you have sooo much blooming.

I have exactly 2 daffodils, 4 tulips and a handful of grape hyacinths...we are late bloomers...

melissa....this is what you do....these are beautiful....i love your sketching and lettering combo. !!!!

So stunning! What what beautiful sketches and lettering!

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