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me me me... I'm first in line!

I like your pages. They shouldn't be overly intimidating. Some people will think everything is too hard and some will think it's too simple. I think you are running a good middle of the road here. I saw one lady leading some kids in art journaling have them trace their hand and then fill it in with whatever - words, doodles, drawings and/or color. She also had them draw a grid for a week's worth of little boxes so they could draw (or glue in) something about each day. Good luck. Try to have fun.

This is a fabulous project and it will be very successful! I would love to take the workshop! Keep us posted.

WOW! These pages are beautiful. What a great idea, especially the calendar! I really love what you have done.

These look great. A good start to art journaling. Maybe another page could be any topic that gets alot of discussion during the class.

these are great -- it's going to be a fun class for your students!

I tried to reply on the compjournal group, but Yahoo hates me today. I think these are great ideas. Very do-able for beginners yet they still look great. I love calendar spreads and I almost always forget to include them. They are very handy to refer to later. Here's a few more easy ideas:

1. Use a 1" square or circle punch and punch lots of pieces from scrapbooking paper, magazine pages, anything colorful. Use them as extra large bullets on any page with a list.

2. Cover the whole page with a grid of the squares or circles, coat with a light dry brushing of gesso or white paint, then journal right over the top. Lighter colored papers work best for this one.

3. Tear strips of pretty paper and journal on the strips, similar to the way you've done the page with the gessoed stripes. Masking tape makes good stripes to write on, too.

Your pages are great, simple enough not to be boring. You might teach it in layers, so that students can accomplish what they can, but otherwise very nice! :-))

Great, simple ideas, Melissa. Thank you. I'll include your blog link on my blog. I just started a list (on website) of Under 30 Minute Journal Ideas. Keep tuned for my book "Journal Spilling" out October!

Your pages inspired me for my Healing Art Lessons and so I am in the midst of creating a "Mood Journal" using a composition book. I am having a blast! Thanks for sharing your ideas!
How's your class going?

LOVE these pages! Well done!!!

honestly melissa....you are just unbelievable in your journaling! i'm happy your doing a class...it sounds great and will be alot of fun.

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