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Lovely watercolor cheer here Melissa! Thank you! My weeds are really growing in this weather; cannot keep up and I've given up for now. I guess, here anyway, we're in for chances of rain all week! What a pattern we're stuck in. I'm with you, I don't mind the cool temps but the lack of sun and everything is so overgrown! Have good day!

maybe you could post a roster of summer cocktails and then the warm weather will STAY! just a thought..

Beautiful watercolor. We are having the same weather in SE PA.

We have had an okay weather pattern lately, now though... it is pouring. It was a fairly mild June this year. I am looking forward to some hot days, I pray the Lord will bless us with them. I just got back from camping for five days and I prayed for sunshine and we got it! Amen. So I'm praying again - lol.

This is such a cute piece! I love the expression of the bird, and the vibrant colors of the page. Great journal!

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