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I like this perspective! Would teenagers today be patient enough to wait for the dial to come back around for each number? Now we have one button speed dial.

You've done such a good job depicting its quirkiness!

I love it! Its adorable. I really like the sweetness and inocence of the picture. Lovely artwork. Good job.

What a great choice of something red to paint. It's cute and interesting, unique, and most of all, very well done! nancy

This is such a fun idea for red! Great job!

Great sketch. My kids played with toy phones that looked like this but grandchildren will play with plastic cell phones. Ahh nostalgia!

I really like the whimsy of the painting. Good Job!

Great job. I love the color.

I think you did a wonderful job with this sketch! It is delightful!

What a wonderful drawing of a charming item! Very good!

A dial phone! Nice job!

Well done... a charming page ... just think: rotary dial on a short fixed landline phone, no call waiting, no answering machines. Ooph - time warp. :)

I like this one a lot Melissa! Even though this is just a toy, I still like the old telephones with the traditional dials. I mean, that why we say things like dialing tones, or "dial that number" ya know... well okay, it takes a while if you want to call an emergency number :)
Thanks for your comments on my drawing

It's frivolous and fun, and I like the perspective (and the entire drawing). I like the tint of the colors as well.

Nice page Melissa! I really like the idea of drawing a child's toy. The subject when made into a work of art becomes chock-full of wonderful meaning!

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