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Very nice. I like your watercoloring on it.

This is so delightful----wonderful job! winna

Excellent job there! Tones are shades are in harmony, and I think that's such a cute figurine too.
Thank you so much Melissa for all your nice comments. I am really glad that my work has caught a few attention and that keeps me motivated even more. My family enjoyed looking at the drawing of my baby niece, and I think I'll do a few more of those :)

Very cute object and lovely sketch. Soft hues that make me think of Beatrix Potter. I can just imagine your dogs with watering mouths just looking at it.
Well done !

She is delightful and I can see why your dogs covet her. I really like the softness of your technique. Nicely done!

She's really cute - nice drawing.

I really appreciate that you maintained the folk-art nature of the tchatchke in style of drawing and softness of the colors you chose. (I always thought tchatchke meant nick-nack, bric-a-brac, or as my mother used to say "dust catcher"... I love them)

She's full of character. You could make an art journal story about her and your dogs!

Very cute Melissa. Sorry she torments your dogs - hee-hee. Well done with the watercolors.

LOL I feel sorry for your dogs..Lovely little mousie.. And lovely watercolors Melissa..

Oh she is sweet! You've got a lovely texture with the wash, I really like it! It LOOKS vintage!

What a personality! Good job!

Her sweet expression goes well with the lovely soft watercolors. I like it.

This is adorable; love the sketching and watercolor - perfect! Great Nantucket pictures! xxoo

This is lovely - it could easily be an illustration in a children's book.

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