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Great idea - I recycle old books, adding watercolor paper - and occasionally leave a few original pages just to play on. Keep sharing!

I love this idea! Your sketches look wonderful on these pages. Thanks for sharing :-)

I love this idea and knowing me i would try to read "deeper" meaning in the juxtaposition of words and image. What fun!

Recycle and beat the blank page fear! Thanks for sharing!

Interesting idea! What a great visualization, and definitely a great way to capture what's on your mind right there and then. :)

Great Blog and Great Sketches and what a cool idea. I love thrift stores and I know what I'm going to get next time I go. Thank you for sharing!

What a terrific idea - you're brilliant! Love the sketching idea in the books! I figured a way to visit blogs using my husband's netbook. I still don't have my own computer back from the shop; oh how I miss it. I cannot update my own blog until I get it back. But; at least I can visit. xxoo

Love the sketches, especially the sitting man one. I think that you should do a series and show them together.

What an excellent idea - thanks for sharing! Love the sketches - the print adds and extra dimension.

Thank you for the excellent advice! My problem is not with the drawing part, it's the adding color part. I jump right into the drawings, but then leave them on my desk, afraid I'll mess them up when I try the watercolor. But, I'll never learn if I don't DO! Yes, excellent post...something I needed to hear today!

I have a very small spiral book in my purse for these moments but it's almost filled - mostly with grandkid scribbles and notes- so I need to get a new book. I have a sketch like your Starbucks but it's McDonalds. I drew it while waiting for my husband at Home Depot. Even these little sketches help overall.

I love this. I have a book like that..that I used to experiment in all the time...with different transfer techniques, some sketching, etc. I need to get back to that. Your pages are wonderful!

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