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Melissa; thinking of you with thoughts of your Mom. This was a very moving and heartfelt post.

Also; your childrens' telephone sketch, below, is terrific! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm; I'm seeing some of your sketches in a childrens' book. Ever thought of doing that? :) Best to you always - Marilyn

It appears that you have your Mom's smile - something that I hope makes you feel closer to her.

Sending a hug... xo

I think that I have not responded to your post yet because how deeply I felt for it. It's been 5 years since my mom went to her glory and it left a hole in me that one really never gets over. I've got my own photos of her in my studio, along with her confirmation crucifix and other very meaningful objects. Thank you for sharing Melissa.

It is hard. I was 24 when my mom died. She'd been sick for 10 years but boy, I sure miss her still 32 years later. My mom was only 56 when she left us. I'll be 56 this year. I wish she could have lived longer.

Thanks for sharing her picture and your thoughts.

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