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Great job! It's too bad you're not ambidextrous, huh? Then each arm would be sore, but only half as much!

This is awesome. You did a fabulous job on the cafe board. I have never used chalk inks before - are they easy to work with? I am thinking they must use chalk inks on the big boards in restaurants? It looks like great fun! I can imagine your arm is very sore working on it for that many hours! Good job.

This is beautiful! You did an incredible job. What a gift!

It is a fun board! For first time, I would say five stars!

Don't know a thing about it. But you sure did a beautiful job!

How did you keep everything so straight? It's wonderfully done and well worth the sore arm right?

I didn't know there was such a thing as chalk ink! You've done a fabulous, professional-looking job on this! I've been to restaurants whose boards couldn't hold a candle to yours!

Wow - I am really impressed! Well done!

Well done ! I've never tried that before and I didn't know "chalk ink" existed ! You've done a great job!

Wow! And do you need to update the inofrmation on any regular basis or is this part of the decor?

A lot of work and hours but SO worth it! The board is amazing!

You did a great job! :)

The result is totally beautiful! 9 and half hours is a long time, but it can also be seen that you had a good time doing it. A+ on presentation, A++ for fun factor ^^ Great job Melissa

Wowie Zowie! I would think your arm would be tired. Great job though, you must be proud. Did you get a free cup of coffee?

wonderfully creative! Thanks for sharing.

This looks amazing! Fabulous work!

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