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Nicely done! What kind of plant is it and will it survive the winter out of the pot & into the ground?

What a take on the challenge. Nice drawing. Hope you have it in the ground by now.

Beautiful! And what a great job capturing the 'living' element! You're right that leaves are falling colors are changing, my favorite season it is, and there's no other better way to compliment this by drawing them and keep them for good :)

And if the plant doesn't make it, then you will have this lovely reminder!

This is lovely and now you've "preserved" it forever! Wonderful! xxoo

Lovely drawing with such very soft colors!

What a lovely little painting of this plant! BTW, we have those same spindles on our front porch .... we have 3 different colors on them & they're a bit of a bear to paint! LOL nancy

I like it. Nice colors and forms.

The cascading blooms along with the uniform spindles background is a cool combination. Looks like you had fun mixing it up!

What a beautiful little painting. All that detail in the picture. Good one.

Very nice painting!

Looks like a lovely Mandevilla plant to me. I love them. I hope you save it in time. Great job, so nice and sweet. You caught the twining and tendrils just perfectly. Love it!

There's hope for tomorrow yet! *one more day, one more day....* Very nicely done.

Really nice page Melissa. This is a lovely drawing with its graceful curves and corresponding color. We have a potted plant that is viney and flowered all summer - but the little card thingy says its an annual - so I fear it is doomed too.

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