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Wow, those look nice. I guess they aren't washable but they would make a great book jacket I think. I have a lot of muslin left over from some quiltmaking days. I think using squared to clean up the paint is a good idea to try.

oh my! these are fabulously wonderful, melissa!!! i'm grinning from ear to ear! i love your drawings; everything about them is so soft and sweet...

thank you for this smile... : )



These look great! I also save my paint rags but have not done much with them. They will look good in a book!

Ooooh!! I really like the colors, they look so much fun!

What a wonderful idea! These are very pretty, and definitely springy!! nancy

WooHoo these look great! Something else to bring to show and tell! What are you going to do with them? Missing you...xox

I'd kill for 25 degrees, but we have Centigrade, not Fahrenheit. ;)

Very nice! Love the colors, very springy!

Melissa, thank you for finding me, which helped me to find you!! I am just quite enamored of these muslin pieces! You look to be quite creative and I am really going to enjoy it here! Thanks to for your affirmation for me. True words, I suppose. I see the good in everyone else, just rarely in myself. Now...I just have to go watch Ivy sing!!

Love this creativity Melissa! Just found you through Sherry Massey...I will enjoy stopping by from time to time!! Beautiful pages!!

These are so cool! And I love the sketches.

This is such a wonderful idea and the pages are so lovely!

Wow! These are wonderful! I popped over from Lynne Hoppe's page! Love your work!

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