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You will be missed.....I'm sad that I won't have your beautiful art to look at or read your inspiring words....but you must do what you have to do. Good wishes as you start your new chapter ... Perhaps you'll find your way back to bogland 'round the river's bend.

Whaaaaaat?! Then I'll stand on the rivers bend waiting for you to pass by..

I'm just now seeing this! Where are ya going? I keep losing you..

Hey Linda

We are selling our house in MA....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too big. For most of the time, I am here alone, as Sam is working out of FL again. Slow economy makes the building industry very slow! I tried to look around to see where I want to land, ultimately for our retirement years that are coming all too quickly. So we will be relocating to Raleigh. The art community there is phenomenal....and there are 4 churches on every block! A welcome change from spiritually dark New England.

So that is the Cliff Notes version. I am packing and sorting and tossing like a mad woman in an effort to ready the house for listing in a couple weeks. My art room (whole attic) is a
problem all unto itself! I think I am going to try to have a sale just for it, alone. Pray for me...that God will help me get this done in the most efficient and expedient manner possible. It is pretty overwhelming, since I am doing most all the work in MA myself.

Hope you are well! I saw you had a new grandbaby! Very exciting. Do they live close by so you can get your hands on her? Take care!

Melissa.. i can't believe you are moving.. I had so hoped to see you one day ....it has been way to long.. where does the time go.. tried to find you on facebook..but no luck! Hope you are will and will love Raleigh.. miss you..hugs... pamela

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